Design of Elevator Type Three-Dimensional Garage

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Jiang, X., Namokel, M., Hu, C., Tian, R. (2021). Design of Elevator Type Three-Dimensional Garage. In: Wang, Y., Martinsen, K., Yu, T., Wang, K. (eds) Advanced Manufacturing and Automation X. IWAMA 2020. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 737. Springer, Singapore. 


With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of household cars has increased dramatically, so parking problems are common in cities. The traditional form of garage can not meet the needs of the development of modern cities, so it is necessary to use modern automated three-dimensional garage to solve the parking problem. In this paper, the elevator type three-dimensional garage is studied, the lifting mechanism, the car carrier plate, the whole steel structure bracket are designed, the important parts are checked, the model of steel structure bracket 3D garage is established, the lifting structure of steel wire rope is selected, and the traction force is analyzed and checked. The mechanical analysis of the car carrier bottom plate through punch process is selected and compared with the finite element analysis. The improvement of the three-dimensional garage makes the utilization ratio and efficiency increase, which mainly reduces the manufacturing cost, improves the safety performance.

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