Optimal Design of Control System for Ground Source Heat Pump Unit

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Jiang, X., Namokel, M., Hu, C., Tian, R. (2021). Optimal Design of Control System for Ground Source Heat Pump Unit. In: Wang, Y., Martinsen, K., Yu, T., Wang, K. (eds) Advanced Manufacturing and Automation X. IWAMA 2020. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 737. Springer, Singapore. 


To realize the efficient and energy-saving operation of ground-source heat pump for refrigeration and heat supply, it is necessary to consider the real-time change of meteorological parameters and terminal load. The design of the electronic control system adopts PWM rectification and frequency conversion control technology to improve the system energy efficiency and reduce the interference of the power supply network, at the same time the cascade control technique is adopted to incorporate the operating conditions, load rate, energy efficiency and other parameters into the control system, each control loop circulating fluid is kept in the reasonable range of the flow rate, this method not only improves the overall efficiency of the system, and solves the problem of the deteriorating efficiency of ground source heat exchanger year by year due to the unequal total heat amount and the total discharge amount. The practical application results show that the optimization design has higher system energy efficiency level, and some advantages in energy saving, economic efficiency and environmental benefits.


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