Influence of Guides on Dynamic Characteristics of Elevator

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Jiang, X., Namokel, M., Hu, C., Zhang, F. (2022). Influence of Guides on Dynamic Characteristics of Elevator. In: Wang, Y., Martinsen, K., Yu, T., Wang, K. (eds) Advanced Manufacturing and Automation XI. IWAMA 2021. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 880. Springer, Singapore. 


With the development of high and super-high buildings, elevator speed is now increasing faster and faster. The elevator is the necessary vertical transport of high-rise building. The faster speed and more serious horizontal vibrations can reduce the passengers’ ride comfort and even the elevator’s service life and also increase energy consumption. The analysis of elevator horizontal vibration and the simulation of guides’ friction are studied; the mathematical model of elevator horizontal vibration is established based on the rigid body kinematics theory. The motion of elevator car is divided into translation and rotation around the centre of mass. According to Newton’s law of motion and Euler’s equation, the dynamic model of elevator car horizontal vibration is deduced and analyzed, and the change of guide rail stiffness on elevator horizontal vibration is studied, the opposite and the same direction bending of the guide rail will intensify the car horizontal vibration, and the same direction bending affect much more than the different direction bending through comparison.

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