Design of Elevator Remote Monitoring System

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Jiang, X., Namokel, M., Wu, J., Wang, L., Zhou, Q. (2023). Design of Elevator Remote Monitoring System. In: Wang, Y., Yu, T., Wang, K. (eds) Advanced Manufacturing and Automation XII. IWAMA 2022. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 994. Springer, Singapore.


Nowadays, with the increasing use of elevators, there are more and more failures. How to ensure the safe operation of elevators has become an inevitable social hot issue in today's society. The emergence of elevator remote monitoring system is precisely to reduce the possibility of elevator failure and protect people's life and property. To realize the remote monitoring function, the system is installed in the building with video monitoring. The purpose of monitoring is achieved by collecting elevator data, and the user can monitor the elevator data parameters and operation status in real time on the computer or mobile phone. The main content of this design is the construction of the system framework, the selection of each module of the elevator system, the selection of data transmission mode, and each part. In this design, the elevator information is collected through the elevator integrated controller, the data is transmitted to the single chip microcomputer through the RS-232 to RS-485 converter, and the data is transmitted to the cloud platform through the EC20 module. Finally, these data are viewed through the software. These data need to include: whether the elevator has fault, the current operating conditions of the elevator, leveling conditions, operating speed, etc.

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